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Our brand name ya kesho (yaKesho) means ‘of tomorrow‘ in Swahili and is our small contribution to the awesome fight for a better world.

How will we contribute? First and foremost to feed woke folk with informative curated content regarding issues that impact our world today and more importantly tomorrow. Secondly, to provide our readers with diverse mediums to creatively express what matters writ large and spread awareness. Last but not least, to be charitable and give back to our global community.

Who we are?

We are a micro-multinational team of designers and free thinkers! We have a passion for the power of design, illustration, and messaging and their combined potential to inform others and further discourse.

Where we are?

We are headquartered currently in sunny Kwale County, Kenya (off Diani Beach). However, our print and fulfillment partners print and ship from the following locations to provide fast and oftentimes free delivery worldwide.

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Our Commitment to Quality

We and our partners take quality very seriously. All orders go through a 3-step quality check before being shipped out. First, automated software checks graphics for quality before printing. Second, fulfillment specialists check quality while orders print. Then a third and final quality check after printing and curing is done.

All to ensure customer satisfaction by reducing mistakes and defects. However, in the unlikely event, there is a problem, we stand by our products, our services, and our customers. See our shipping & returns policy for further details.

Stay Woke!

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